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At iLoan we are committed to providing choice, convenience and expertise to our clients, through shared values, principles and behaviours. We believe that our core values accurately communicate the elements that drive us as an organization and make our competitors admire us. As employees of iLoan, we promise to embrace and live these values.

INTEGRITY | The right thing

Commit to deliver on the promises made to our clients and business partners
Be honest, ethical, fair and transparent in all dealings
Show respect for values, people and cultures
Be positive and supportive of team members

PASSION | With energy

Obtain a positive result through enthusiasm and dedication
Foster a positive and optimistic attitude
Show pride in iLoan and our offering

ACCOUNTABILITY | Take ownership

Take responsibility in delivering on all aspects of our jobs - on time and right the first time
Focus on solutions to achieve results
Accept personal responsibility for our actions


Accurate and complete end to end work processes to meet turnaround times
Deliver expert advice and superior service that represents value to the customer
Be open, friendly and welcoming treating clients with respect
Make every moment of the client relationship and service an exhilarating one

TRUST | Dependable

Act in the best interest of our clients and business partners
Foster trust by being reliable, competent and trustworthy
Build relationships through open and honest communication
Be truthful and act in the best interest of all parties


Invest (time and money) in the upliftment of our communities so that they can reach their full potential
Active and positive involvement for a sustainable community
Understand and respect the culture and values of others.


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